Our company distinguishes itself through its team of professionals and specialists in the Spa market. with more than 20 years of experience in the Spa industry.

We are the importer of Spas Spacovers Spasteps and Coverlifters in Spain more that 20 years.

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  • We have the biggest stock of standaard Spacovers on stock in Grey and Brown.
  • Spacovers made at your size is possible as well.
  • To protect your spa and spacover we have spa protection cover in grey.
  • We stock different Spasteps and Coverlifters in Spain to send to the customers direct.
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Mundospas is a company selling more than 20 years spas and Spacovers in Spain. We have good team off professionals to give you the best service.

We selling Spacovers Spasteps and Coverlifters in France Spain and Portugal.